SpaceX Flights: Interactive display of every SpaceX mission

SpaceX Flights

America’s dwindling enthusiasm for space exploration is an unfortunate result of greater societal issues. Thankfully, tech leaders Elon Musk and Jeff Bezo are combatting our apathy by founding their respective innovative aerospace companies SpaceX and Blue Origin. To celebrate their accomplishments, I created SpaceX Flights, an open source tool to visualize every SpaceX Flight from their first mission to their latest.

Users first select the mission they would like to view using an interactive chart that displays the payload mass color-coded by orbit type.

Interactive Chart

After selecting a flight, the orbit is visualized on a spinning Earth using the popular D3 JavaScript Library.

Orbit animation

Many other aspects of the flight are displayed including payload information, rocket type, launch site, and the press video.

Panoramic and satellite view of the launch-site using Google Maps API


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