Independent artists have to do many things to stay afloat financially and protect themselves from unsavory characters. This motivated our team at the API World 2017 Hackathon to create GigSign: contracts for the modern musician. GigSign connects the artist to their client by allowing the artist to quickly verify their phone number, send forms to be digitally signed, and send an invoice after the performance.

Verify phone numbers

GigSign allows you to quickly screen phone numbers for fraudulent activity associated with the number. To determine this risk, it uses the TeleSign Score API to convert the phone number to a rating from 0 (clear) to 1000 (fraudulent). If a high score is detected, the artist is instantly informed that this client’s phone number may be associated with fraud. The artist is still allowed to move forward, but they have been warned!

Send legal documentation and invoices quickly

Using the template and payment APIs from DocuSign, GigSign allows the artist to send legally binding paperwork to be digitally signed to their client by simply entering the recipient’s email address and checking a few boxes. The artist can also send an invoice to their client after performing a gig, which is connected directly to their bank account. The DocuSign Payment API works with 39 different currencies and can be paid using a major credit card or valid checking account information.

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