Idea: A file that tells Dropbox to not upload certain files and folders

I really only backup my computer two ways – through a Time Machine external HD (that I don’t really trust) and Dropbox. Website files, old projects, work stuff, school stuff, half-finished stories, resumes, everything important on my computer that’s not gigantic I keep in my Dropbox folder. I’ve been forced to either pay up or delete items so many times from that folder I almost like doing it. It forces me to decide what’s really important in my life, but it’s getting to the point where I really need more than the free 10gb. Version control software has an ‘ignore’ file, which allows you to tell it not to track things like videos, large pictures, audio files, etc. This is important because these don’t really change after you add them to your project, while taking up the majority of the available space.

Wouldn’t it be cool if Dropbox could do the same thing? Unfortunately, this functionality is not built-in and apparently new releases broke “dbignore,” which may have worked in the past. Right now there is a workaround to ignore files by tricking selective sync, but it’s a bit labor intensive for me.

There is an extensive dropbox core api that works with multiple languages, but I assume the difficulty in implementing this is within the platform itself.

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