Folder Action to Copy Dropbox Screenshots to a Different Directory using the built-in OSX Automator

For mac users who take a lot of Screenshots and also happen to have Dropbox, you may have noticed that the screenshots are automatically saved to the Dropbox/Screenshots subdirectory. Annoyingly, there is no way to change this destination within your dropbox preferences. My solution Here is a guide to setup the OS X Automator to take care of this for you, well, automatically.

The OSX Automator is a macro builder that comes standard with Apple computers. Macros are automated functions that can take care of many mindless repetitive tasks after being set up. I just found out about it recently when I came across this Dropbox issue and I want to share how I set it up.

Right click on the folder and select Services > Folder Actions Setup…


A modal box titled “Folder Actions Setup” should appear. Select “move – source to dest files.scpt” then click Attach.

The name of the folder should appear on the Folders With Actions list. Make sure it is checked. Now we are capable of adding macros to the folder using the Automator.

Open up Automator from Spotlight Search or the Applications folder.

Select New Workflow then click on Files & Folders from the left navigation menu

You should see an empty workspace with the message “Drag actions or files here to build your workflow.” The first thing to do is get the specified finder items, so find Get Specified Finder Items from the searchable action list and drag it over.

Click the Add button to find the folder from earlier.

Next, we want to duplicate the file so we don’t lose the original.

Drag that below the Get Specified… item in your workflow. Lastly, we want to move the duplicated file to the new directory. You can do this by using the Move Finder Items action.

Drag this below the Duplicate Finder Items action.

Select where you are moving the files from the dropdown “To” selector.

Your total workflow should look something like this:

Go ahead and click the Run button at the top and test it out by moving taking a few screenshots.

Hope this helped!

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