OnionUp extends the popular service Pingdom by displaying the health of both Onion services and clearnet websites with a user friendly dashboard built with Vue + Vuex. GitHub | Live

SpaceX Flights

SpaceX Flights

An interactive history of SpaceX flights using the github repository SpaceX API as the primary data source. The intention for this project is to be used as an educational resource for people interested in the aerospace industry. GitHub | Live

event-bike app

EventBike Web App

EventBike is an event planning tool designed for the motorcycle and bicycle communities. Inspired by Eventbrite, it shares many features such as user authentication, event search, an interactive map, and a user dashboard. GitHub | Live

gigsign app


GigSign connects the artist to their client by allowing the artist to quickly verify their phone number, send forms to be digitally signed, and send an invoice after the performance. Powered by DocuSign and TeleSign APIs. GitHub | Live

iOS Run Grouper

Run Grouper iOS App

Like running, but don't like running alone? Run Grouper iOS App loads your run groups' routes, times, and dates, then distributes it as a list to all active members who have the app. Wordpress Writeup

Reddit Scraper

Reddit Scraper Bot

It's such a drag to have to open a new window and check if a movie or TV show is on Netflix Streaming, so this bot will magically tell you! It uses the NetflixRoulette and praw APIs to crawl through reddit for content titles, then replies when it finds one. Wordpress Writeup

ES Resources

Earth Science Resources

Are you an Earth Science Teacher looking for teaching resources, or a student studying for the New York Regents Exam? Check out this repository of Earth Science Resources I've created and/or collected over the years. Earth Science Resources

Circumbinary Exoplanets

Circumbinary Planetary Atmospheres

What would the temperature structure look like in the atmosphere of an exoplanet? What about an exoplanet in orbit around two stars? I investigate these questions in this paper on planets that have two sunsets. View the PDF

Mineralogy Paper

Mineralogy Research Project

There is an igneous intrusion due west of the Manhattan Prong known as the Palisades Sill. that caused a fascinating reaction on this partially metamorphosed sedimentary rock. View the PDF

Extrasolar Moons

Extrasolar Moons

The Kepler Spacecraft found thousands of extrasolar planets. Do any of these planets have a visible moon? This question's investigated in this scientific paper. View the PDF

Geology Paper

Geological Map of New Idria, California

Geological mapping of a square mile of land in New Idria, California from data collected in the field and interpreted in the lab. View the PDF

CT Scan

CT Scan of a Meta-Sed. Rock Density Structure

The American Museum of Natural History in New York was nice enough to let me use their Computed Tomography (CT) Scanner to look at this weird rock. The darker areas are lower density, lighter areas are high density. Download the Composite Video (.avi)